DEGEN RHINO are NFT on the ETH blockchain. They're will be a mint bouton on our website. Mint is on OPENSEA DROP.

Connect with metamask, buy with ETH.

5555 Degen Rhino. 
24h after mint out
Presale for holder of degen rhino : 0,015

Public sale : 0,02
The royalties on the secondary market are optional .
17 november 2023

Membership-PASS are another NFT, when you get a DEGEN RHINO, you'll get AIRDROP a Membership-PASS corresponding to your DEGEN RHINO.

You will get acces to all place of Degen Rhino metaverse and much more.

For each degen rhyno, you will get the corresponding Membership-PASS.
Some more rare than other. Did i heard Gold Pass ?